Tony Mason (Rhythm & Lead Guitar):

Music and playing guitar has always been in Tony’s life. He can’t remember a time where he hasn’t been involved in it in some way or another; from school bands to garage bands to party bands and to his kids’ bands.

While he doesn’t call himself a muso, Tony loves performing and being part of musical outfits in some way or another. As a guitar player he’s always been drawn to the Blues masters who have created and built the foundation for much of the music we’ve enjoyed, and like these masters, the BeeGees have been a huge part of adding to that foundation.

Tony is now having a great time playing their contributions. And when he’s not strumming BeeGees songs he’s indulging in some traditional blues with a little blues outfit called ‘Crafty Anne‘.

Peter Rufus (Bass Guitar):

Peter has been playing Bass for 15 years. He commenced on rudimentary bass in his early 20’s (with no prior music theory or experience on guitar) to assist a young post punk / ska band & then stopped playing to start a family. He considers himself a passionate bass guitarist. 9 years on the live circuit starting out with Blues, Rock, Pop & filling in for his sons bands on originals and covers. Have been fortunate to play in more than ten bands over the 9 yrs. Also involved with Melbourne originals Ska band “No Nonsense” from the 80’s.

Love the song compositions and sing-a-long harmonies of the BeeGees and relish in the bass driven funk arrangements of their Mythology.

Jack Setton (Percussion):

Jack has been playing drums since being captivated by The Beatles in the mid 1960s.
Since then, he has played in bands covering many musical styles including rock, jazz, R and B, and folk. He has performed in concerts, musical theatre productions and many corporate and private functions.

He has a broad and diverse musical taste and when not cycling or sailing, spends much of his time as a sound engineer and music producer, working with other musicians and song writers at his recording studio, Mad Cat Sound (

He is excited to be part of ‘Night Fever – BeeGees Revival’ and to recreate the wonderful songs of the BeeGees for the public to remember and enjoy.