Roy Kossena – Barry:

Defined not so much by genre as by the emotions he evokes. Roy Kossena is a prolific songwriter, with two independent releases and three theatre productions under his belt. Now writing for purpose through his own songwriting business “Write on”, he has worked with various councils and international organisations, using music as a means to communicate and persuade. A teacher and lover of harmony, with two decades of experience fronting various cover and original bands, Roy is here to replicate the master and ensure that even Barry is honoured by his efforts.

Phil Splitter – Robin:

Phil has always had a love of singing and has been performing since an early age, playing guitar and percussion, as well as singing in many bands. He is also an accomplished motivational speaker and humourist, award winning script and songwriter as well as a dynamic MC, speaker and presenter.

Phil has always enjoyed singing and working out harmonies and was exposed to many of the great vocal harmony bands of the 60’s and 70’s including The Beatles, America, The Eagles and of course The Bee Gees.

So when the opportunity came along to join an Australian Bee Gees Tribute Show ‘Night Fever – BeeGees Revival’ he jumped at the chance and is now enjoying playing the part of Robin Gibb singing and sharing the fabulous music that The Bee Gees created for over 35 years.

AJ Leonard (Musician, Keyboard & Voice) – Maurice:

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger AJ Leonard is a veteran recording artist and live performer. His studio output numbers more than twenty-five albums of original music and he has made various recordings of film and theatre music. His wide appreciation of music has led him to perform in styles such as folk, classical, country, rock, swing, jazz, Celtic, Polynesian and pop. He has also been the musical director for a number of live shows. A love for the guitar initially propelled him into the world of music while in recent years he has become known as a virtuoso ukulele player here and abroad.

A Bee Gees fan from way back, AJ is pleased to be playing the role of Maurice and hopes to make him more than just “the man in the middle”.